A person who has the internal disposition required for sociopathic behavior, but may not engage in it relative to the standards of a given society. A person who depreciates the importance of providing socially valuable content in their own mind, they instead exhalt their id and its primal drives. This is the defining trait of a shadow personality: their genetic program is given corresponding weight relative to its relevance to the given social situation. For example, if the situation calls for deep, systemic hatred, they will indulge in this on behalf of what they perceive of as the greater good of social order. (the superego, not to be confused with the social ego one relies on for social interacton). They may argue for the imposition of social restraints that are amenicable to their own preferred mentality, especially if they see themselves as threatened by another gene program.
Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Saddam Hussein, practicing Satanists and others who indulge themselves in socially deviant practices. (from the standpoint of a confirmable overwhelming social supermajority). These practices stem from thought patterns which exhalt the various vices of humanity, and may be disturbing to the majority. Shadows may acheive positions of power and prestige, however their nature is like to corrupt the integrity of the environment around them with the pursuit of self-interest over the greater good of society. The very presence of a shadow can twist the thinking of the unwary and sow the seeds of tragedy for all involved. Shadows radiate a vibe of instability and/or unpredictability, extreme nervousness which is felt by those around them.

In recent times Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad earned the scorn of leaders around the world by making threatening statements toward Israel. Additionally, Ahmadinejad has presided over the implementation of a nuclear fuel program in Iran, a move which unsettles the predominantly Judeo-Christian West with the possibility that Iran could develop nuclear weapons capability. It is conceivable that Ahmadinejad, a shadow, was chosen to lead as a counter to the influence of the United States which had invaded Iran's neighbor, Iraq. Ahmadinejad is a skilled diplomatic intimidator whose ruthless pursuit of his own social program has led to a reinforcement of the superego platform of the Islamic revolution, thus diminishing dissent in Iran and repressing insurgency. Shadows are often sought by governments desperate to repress competing ethnic groups into the boundaries of a single state, as was exemplified by the American elevation of Saddam Hussein's government to power in the 1960s.

The world's most notorious serial killers and charismatic psychopaths are shadows, although not all shadows are psychopaths.
#psychopath #sociopath #personality #disorder #dictator #darkness #depravity #disturbance #perturbance
by Anthony Caudill March 29, 2008
Top Definition
The ultimate life form who is cloned by some weird shaped scientist
Even if i'm not for real, i'm still the ultimate life, SHADOW!!!
by doesn't matter February 10, 2004
Probably the most badass Character in the SegaSonic universe. Holy crap he has some insane ass Chaos Control powers...he also loves Danishes...
Manic: Shadow you suck..
Shadow: I said the same thing to yer mom last night.
by Manic the Lad October 31, 2003
Referred to an individual following you.
Ay, don't turn around but we gotta SHADOW.
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
One sexy motherfucking hedgehog. <3
Speedlight glomped Shadow, dragging him off to some dark, dark closet.
by Speedlight July 02, 2003
Many young teenagers lord and master. Mysterious figure who is neither god nor human. Is thought to have gained his powers by exploiting holes in the stock market. Cult figure who grants wishes to his most loyal subjects.
We must praise our lord Shadow and give this post thumbs up to appease him
#god #master #lord #ruler #king
by Mega J-man October 04, 2006
(Untested by me but....)
its the only thing at the moment that can travel at the speed of light.
that guy can eat at the speed of a shadow
by burkland February 15, 2004
A guy 99.9999932% better than Sonic.
Shadow, don't make me upset
by BlackChain November 14, 2004
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