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He is the creator of the webcomic SLUT for a forum he attends.
Elmdor kicks various asses.
by Necromancer March 05, 2005
A spastic who's general lack of self esteem and rock bottom economic /social standing has ultimately led them into proistitution and or drug addiction. Having arisen as a direct result of the global econoimic recession spastitutes now have a niche market in the world of prostitution often with client bases consisting of the rich, famous and powerful. It is rumoured that 3 spastitutes actually have a hidden bum dungeon 30 feet below the house of commons.
Hello their tarquin, im off to play polo would you care to join me?

Why thank you sebastian, but i must politely decline as im parked on double yellows and there's an angry spastitute in my boot gagging on a cuntflannel.
by necromancer February 03, 2012
the most perfect person to every exist
Shadow owns!
by Necromancer January 05, 2004
Leader of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), which forced the nationalist Chinese out of China and into Taiwan. He turned China into a communist state. He was responsible for the death of millions in his "Great Leap Forward." His body is now on display at a memorial in Beijing.
There were many evil dictators in history: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong
by Necromancer May 31, 2004

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