A person with a big heart, Shy at first but once you get to know her, hold on to your seat. Shes the most polite,respectful,intelligent,beautiful,caring,sweet young woman you will ever know.Her loyalty is unquestionable.Shes extremely good looking,dreamy and cuddly. She turns red when nervous. Has a beautiful smile. Shes booblivious too but her personality is what stands out the most. She'll make you smile even when your mad.She'll sing to your favorite songs. She's a phenomenal kisser.She'll make you feel safe. Shes very understand and shes above drama and bull shit.She'll make you feel special when you feel like crap.She's the one person that will stand by you when no one else will.

Shes awesomely awesome.
Bro did you see that girl yesterday?
Yeah man wasn't she awesome?
Totally bruh she must have been a shadow
by _thatkid_ May 17, 2014
A person who regularly sticks along when smoking weed but rarely ever drops bags or fade. The marijuana free-loader.
1. "Wow, he's always hanging out with us but he never helps pay for trees, fucking shadow."

2. "You got five on it?" "Nah, I'm gonna have to be shadow for today."
by maybelater February 21, 2010
A type of look on a bald-headed man whose scalp is no longer completely clean but still doesn't actually have hair that can be seen to the casual observer.
Vin Diesel is usually not completely bald but frequently wears a shadow.
by Valinda November 01, 2006
Someone who will guard your back as long as they can, and has a lot of life experience.

When in a relationship, utterly faithful.

When betrayed, utterly vengeful.
Don't mess with that guy, he's a Shadow.
by Darkingfire January 11, 2012
1.The person in a gang who always follows
2.Person who uses stealth to kill
3.Homie that wears a black rag
4.Silent killer, fighter, etc.

5.always wearing black
Ay, pinche shadow got that norputo buster by complete surprise.
by Shadow_13 May 01, 2009
the term shadow is an unconcious complex that is defined as the repressed and suppressed aspects of the concious self.
To marry some one but later not love them because you married your "perfect women" who your subconcious has deriven from female persons in your family. Ususally mothers or aunts.

I can't change the way I am, that's all up to my shadow!

I can't believe I married what my shadow thinks is a good women, GROSS!!
by Macinator April 23, 2008
The name of my fucking stupid cat
I caught shadow on the counter again so i threw a book at him
by Elias F. November 22, 2007

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