to shadow someone in the videogame dance dance revolution, is to play on the pad that isn't being used so you don't have to pay.
did u see that guy shadowing me, he sucked
by popook88 March 23, 2005
Century old corrupt group of individuals manipulating politcal and street level events to their own ends.
Creaters of various sub crews one of which is SKN. Located in New Haven, Connecticut.
Political and Street level manipulaters
by LastGuardian November 17, 2004
A guy thats really sweet, funny,caring and amazing. 100% sexy and is a wonderful person to be with. May or may not be an outcast and misunderstood. Also might come off as coldhearted, but is very nice once you get to know him
"Man you see Shadow over there?"
"Yeah..He's sexy"
"He's an outcast"
"Yeah, but, he's my outcast <3"
by Awkward Penurtle February 12, 2013
A nickname given to a person for their amazing ability to "blend in".
I can't even find you!! You blend in like a shadow!
by Mr.AmazingAwesomeMan September 06, 2012
Someone who follows you and does everything you do
Man he is a Pat Mclean A.K.A a shadow
by Rober Thompson February 20, 2012
A high school student with no social skills. Hides behind other like a shadow and puts no input into conversations.
Person: Hey Zeithy
Shadow: *rolls eyes* hhhhey (silent)
by swaggier November 14, 2013
When a lad moves from girl to girl, flirting with all of them without any of them knowing.
He was getting with her, now he's flirting with her. What a "shadow"
by PJerrizle June 20, 2011

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