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walking directly behind someone in a large crowd that way they make a path through all the people and you stay invisible. (:
on my first week at high school i became a pro at shadow walking.
by ikkinxx October 28, 2007
walking behind some one as if you were there shadow and when they turn around act like nothing was happening
I was shadow walking john and it was so funny.
by JT,RT,RT,MR October 01, 2010
Animation cancelling in a game of DotA to more efficiently attack an enemy hero who is moving away from a player's hero.

Often discussed in tandem with Orb Walking (a similar strategy but using hero abilities instead of regular attack damage)
Certain heroes can be used effectively while shadowwalking thanks to their easily abused attack animation and damage point, like Viper and Drow Ranger.
by JayrdeKurt October 09, 2010
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