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See In Your Face. Often used as an insult to reinforce the shame of the loss of a competitor in a game.
Jim: Man, I lost the game 128 to 4!
Bob: Shaboinkas! You lost!
by Jarin February 14, 2005

1. fist
2. penis, dick
Get out of my way before I hit you with my Shaboinka!
by Nympho ciacchi January 14, 2004
Another word for penis
Fred, stop rubbing your shaboinka on me dammit
by dd boadu March 05, 2008
A long wooden object used for writing; Pencil
Todd! Give me that fucking shaboinka or ill shit in ur mouth!
by JamesMac183 April 29, 2005
a "penis" also know as a dick, cock, or just penis!!
my shaboinka is larger then yours!!
by Ben Doover March 24, 2008