Top Definition

1. fist
2. penis, dick
Get out of my way before I hit you with my Shaboinka!
by Nympho ciacchi January 14, 2004
Another word for penis
Fred, stop rubbing your shaboinka on me dammit
by dd boadu March 05, 2008
See In Your Face. Often used as an insult to reinforce the shame of the loss of a competitor in a game.
Jim: Man, I lost the game 128 to 4!
Bob: Shaboinkas! You lost!
by Jarin February 14, 2005
a "penis" also know as a dick, cock, or just penis!!
my shaboinka is larger then yours!!
by Ben Doover March 24, 2008
A long wooden object used for writing; Pencil
Todd! Give me that fucking shaboinka or ill shit in ur mouth!
by JamesMac183 April 29, 2005
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