seriously fucked up
Friend: God, I have such a hangover!
Me: I can imagine last night you were SFU
by Wayne King6456845 March 28, 2013
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Simon Fraser University, located in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada
SFU sits on top of Burnaby Mountain, giving it a beautiful view over north Burnaby
by TELUS February 04, 2005
Stands for "Schools for Fools University" .
Its a place that people say they are going to if they aren't going to school . Its for people who would rather spend their money on clothes and shoes than an education .
Homie #1: "Hey where are you going to school?!."
Homie #2: "SFU !."
Homie #1: "San Francisco University !."
Homie#2: "No, Schools for Fools University ."
Homie #1:" Damn I wish I was going there ."
Homie #2: "That's what's up ."
by seatoo . September 06, 2010
So Fucked Up
University on a mountain top in British Columbia as known as Simon Fraser University
A: I scratched my dad's car.. What should I do?
B: Dude you are SFU.

A: Shit, this campus looks like a jail.
B: This place is SFU.
by chzhfpr September 30, 2009
So Fucking Unreal! The place located on top of Burnaby mountain which is simply unreal and awesome!!
SFU is Awesome!!
by SFU ADMIN2 February 24, 2009
a school designed to obliterate the human soul. see also: fog right angles suicide debt
SFU rendered me incapable of smiling.
by shambola September 05, 2004
six feet under , aka dead
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Short, Fat, Ugly.

What guys will call girls.
Guy1: That one?
Guy2: SFU

Guy1: That one?
Guy2: SFU

Guy1: That one?
Guy2: bhum !
by alittleteddy November 29, 2007

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