Short, Fat, Ugly.

What guys will call girls.
Guy1: That one?
Guy2: SFU

Guy1: That one?
Guy2: SFU

Guy1: That one?
Guy2: bhum !
by alittleteddy November 29, 2007
seriously fucked up
Friend: God, I have such a hangover!
Me: I can imagine last night you were SFU
by Wayne King6456845 March 28, 2013
Simon Fraser University
I went to the s.f.u. computer summer camp when i was in grade 5
by really_hip December 16, 2003
An acronym used to describe undesireable women. "Short, Fat and Ugly"
Hey man, SFU look SFU..!
by Mike Pell November 08, 2005
Sucks for you.

As in 'Man, you have the worst luck.'
Oh, you have to stay home and clean?

sfu, man
by bob August 31, 2004
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