A pitiful excuse for a university. Looking for a state of the art medical center? Out of luck. Want to try out for the debate team? Not here. A packed stadium of rowdy college football fans on Saturday afternoon? Try again. People that come from all over town to watch the basketball team on its road to the national title? They don't even know it exists. Well, at least we'll be able to crash the fraternities and sororities, right? Sorry. Upscale shopping village and quaint local hangouts? Not within miles. Classmates that speak english? Fuhgeddaboudit. Cutting edge instructors that are passionate and don't espouse tired viewpoints? This is the land of the old and washed up.

This place was the nadir of my life and I can't believe I wasted all that time there.
I thought I was going to get a valuable college experience, but I ended up going to SFU.
by Greg Abernathy March 02, 2006
Simon Fraser University
SFU is the only university in Canada that rank about the same as Harvard and Oxford. Top university among Canada for most of faculty, especially for engineering and computer science. Microsfot usually come up north from Seattle to SFU to hire Computer science students
professor are very nice
a lot of international students
President of SFU try hard to get student's money
SFU is very rich, it has 4 new faculty building being constructed within 2 years
There's a professor call Prof. Gay
School is free of sexual intercourse, you can easily see people making up in the library, sometimes in the lunge during midnight
student here don't like UBC
one fucking thing is that there's no scantrum mechine in SFU.
locate on the top of mountain, best view, and symbolize SFU has way high up standard above all other universities
High standard Asian girl quality
only 50% real Canadian
High standard business and engineering faculty
only bad thing is there are no medical and law school
If you come to SFU, that means you fail UBC.
by Justin bryant December 09, 2006

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