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one who is uninterested in sex or in sexual relationships.

one who appears to be neither male or female, or who is neither masculine nor feminine.
andy warhol has been descibed as sexless or asexual.
by dagger_grrl May 08, 2004
someone who can't get laid if they tried. They just cant get pussy no matter how hard they try to get it. They will use any means necessary to obtain it yet fail constantly. They just dont have the skilz to get any ass.
Sonny has been sexless for 10 years. Loser goes on the internet and tries to get pussy 1000 miles away and she even dumps him! HA HA HA
by Your uncle September 07, 2007
1.)SEXLESS:- is the name of the band I play in.

We are a three-piece Dirty-Punk-Rock band.

We are from Surrey, England.

To date we have played two gigs.

We will hopefully have allot more gigs in the near future.

We have a shit website,

2.)SEXLESS:- Someone who has no sex.

Guy1: Hey dude, did you see Sexless play the other night?
Guy2: Yeah.
Guy1: What are they like?
Guy2: They suck.
Guy1: Huh?
Guy2: They suck and they are dickless.
Guy1: Um . . . ok . . . SWEET!
by Stephen Foy July 17, 2004
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