Hyper energetic and prolonged copulation that with repetition counts as a full cardio vascular workout regime leading to increased aerobic capacity and six pack abdomen which in turn leads to more workout opportunities.....
Yummy mummy's eschew gym membership in favour of sexercising their way to health.
"You're quite pretty love but that crop top is showing up your muffin rolls. How about I help you with a bit of sexercise to burn off some of that love flubber?"
by George "TSB" Clooney March 12, 2007
Top Definition
the act of getting pyhsical exercis from having sex
I've lost five pounds this week from all that sexercise
by Sean Weston October 09, 2003
act of having sex as a workout.
Hello Bill, did you get your sexercise for today yet?
by spoojtastic peener July 22, 2003
When you decide that you can skip going to the gym, because you had some sweaty, exhilirating sex, that you feel you've worked out hard enough, and have burned those calories just by banging
Trent: "Morning babe, want to go work out with me?"
Abby: "How about you just work me out and do some sexercise instead?"
by Ima Horny Devil July 24, 2010
To have very energetic sex, causing sore muscles the next day as if you have run a marathon.
Wow, my abs are feeling sore! Must have been all that sexercise last night.
by blankford October 27, 2007
exercises done, mostly by young female college students, for what appears to be for the sole pupose of improving sexual prowess and tend to resemble the act of coitus. Most exercizes that work the inner thigh or buttocks can be considered sexercises.
Man #1: Dear god, what is she doing to that machine in the middle of the gym?
Man #2: Don't worry man, she is just doing her sexercises
Man #1: Oh....I got to get my girlfriend on that workout program
by johouse April 11, 2005
An exercise that builds up muscles used during sex. Usually used by people who plan on having sex in the future. By doing sexercises you can increase pleasure for you and your partner!

Example: kegel, pc muscle
Even though I'm a guy, if I keep these sexersizes up, I'll be able to have multiple orgasms!
by Not Luke January 07, 2005
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