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To have very energetic sex, causing sore muscles the next day as if you have run a marathon.
Wow, my abs are feeling sore! Must have been all that sexercise last night.
by blankford October 27, 2007
making sure to use clean language, even when tempted to sound like a truck driver
"Holy s$%#! Was that an unf$%&*#-believable roller coaster??" said my friend. "Whoa, whoa- let's keep it Disney, my man, there are children around!" I responded.
by blankford February 02, 2011
A woman who gets pregnant to trap a man into eighteen years of slavery.
Did you hear about Frank? His girlfriend got knocked up when she thought he was going to leave her. She is such a pregator!
by blankford May 01, 2010
A marriage of convenience.
Frank works like a dog, travels 95% of the time and has tons of dough. His wife Marisa could care less as long as she can spend it! No love in that 7 eleven marriage!!
by blankford July 07, 2012
The extreme fatigue state following sexercise. A combination of postcoital and postictal (the confused, sleepy state following a seizure).
I was so postcoitictal after my date last night. A bomb could've exploded next to me and I wouldn't have known.
by blankford October 27, 2007
Updates about your new future addition to the family. Canine or otherwise.
Hey Matt! Any pupdates? I heard the litter was born and you are taking the plunge and getting a four legged friend.
by blankford April 25, 2015
Emotional state of many people in the throes of one of the worst winters on record, exacerbated by sitting at home stranded while watching the ceiling crumble from ice dam leaks.
Shoveling out from the latest twenty inch snowstorm while watching her house crumble, Mary felt extremely snowicidal, especially when she discovered that she had been plowed in again.
by blankford February 03, 2011

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