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A portmanteau of the words "seppuku" and "bukkake" meaning the act of ritual suicide by facial.

The seppukkake is performed after the practitioner has prepared his soul to leave the mortal coil through meditative rituals that vary from culture to culture, after which the practitioner typically submits to the seed. The seed is usually donated by honored guests and assistants, as this greatly increases the probability of seppukkake success through an abundance of volume, but the ritual is often performed alone and in secret by practitioners who are particularly dishonored. These latter practitioners have a much higher rate of failure and are regularly discovered in their homes' closets or bathrooms, much to their dismay, by parents, siblings, or spouses, and the practitioner then lives in further dishonor.

In historical context, it is believed that the legendary Musashi Hamtaro, after being bested in a duel in Japan some eight hundred years ago, committed ritual suicide by seppukkake to end his life's dishonor.
Nick very nearly performed seppukkake one night when his wife accidentally shot him in the eye with his own ejaculation. That will teach him to lay down for a handjob.
by gadiv October 03, 2007
Ritual suicide trough the act of Bukkake.
After Yuki dishonoured her family by sleeping with a man before marriage, she was forced to commit Seppukkake.
by Brian van G. December 24, 2005
combines the sexual excitement of bukkake with the ritual suicide of seppuku. involves two individuals, one of whom is disemboweled, the other of whom then ejaculates in, on, and around the wound. the individual who is disemboweled is typically said to be the "performer," while the individual providing the semen is referred to as the "assistant."
After dishonoring his family by pursuing a career in pornography, Eli was forced to perform seppukkake; his father acted as the assistant.
by B-Love and E-Grant January 22, 2010

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