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one posseses this quality when they hear only what they would like to hear.
"Jimmy, do the laundry and the you can go to the movies."

"Sweet! I can go to the movies!"


"What? You never said i had to do the laundry."

"I swear, you have selective hearing"
#haha #funny #qaulity #jimmy #selective hearing
by amrgkm January 29, 2009
The ability that humans have, especially males, to hear selectively only what serves their interests, being conveniently deaf to what they don't like or can use.
"I asked John to take the trash out and then get a beer from the fridge; of course he went straight for the beer: he has selective hearing".
#selective #hearing #males #convenience #deaf
by SenoritaCynthia February 04, 2010
one of those things that the other half of the relationship has when you are trying to talk to them
Austin: Sometimes I just pretend like I understand what Becky is saying... it's easier that way ---

Becky: he gives me that blank stare and says i wait for his response....and then says....oh..what? i didnt hear what u said....

selective hearing
#attention #add #blank #out of it #zombie
by Austins Pookie March 08, 2010
It's a way that the listener hear wad he wants to listen frm the speaker
She Says : Are You Freak To Listen To Rock?

You Say : Sorry I Cant Hear You (Selective Hearing)
#selective #hearing #rock #india #pinak #green day
by Pinak August 17, 2008
The act of listening to only the things a person wants to hear. This can lead to a complete topic change.
Matt: Yo are you watching this Rockies game? It's nuts!

Ben: uhh. I don't think this long distance relationship is going to work out.

Matt: (thinking to himself) Damn. That's some crazy selective hearing if I ever saw it.
#selective #hearing #topic #change #frustrating
by tombalaya October 22, 2009
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