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one posseses this quality when they hear only what they would like to hear.
"Jimmy, do the laundry and the you can go to the movies."

"Sweet! I can go to the movies!"


"What? You never said i had to do the laundry."

"I swear, you have selective hearing"
by amrgkm January 29, 2009
a myspacer is an individual who either has their own page on myspace or goes on other peoples profiles
"Do you have myspace?"

"Are you kidding? I'm on like everyday!"

"Dude you are a total myspacer fer sureee"
by amrgkm January 30, 2009
an individual who is afraid of the dark has darkaphobia and is therefor darkaphobic.
Person 1: "Hey man we had a total blackout at the highschool last week! This girl started crying?"

Person 2: "She must be darkaphobic."
by amrgkm January 29, 2009
a kid who thinks thay are amazingly cool because they moved from cleveland to the subarbs. and reality is this person has 1-3 friends who also think they themselves are cool or as they would say "stunna" and have supa swagg. In addition, this person also has bipolar moments and if things do not go their way there will be hell to pay. they expect you to do whatever they say and they dress like they shopped at a plus size store, but theyre the size of a twig on your tree in the backyard. also, cocky, full of himself, etc.
"Woah, that kid is a total poser" "Yeah, he is a total Cee Jayy."

"Did he just yell at you for looking at him?" "YAH he went all Cee Jayy!"

"Dude, don't talk to him." "Why not?" "He'll go Cee Jayy on your ass!"

"Hey, you feel like getting yelled at for no reason? Talk to a Cee Jayy"
by amrgkm January 29, 2009
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