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Seiya, the main character of the great anime "Saint Seiya". He is the knight of Pegasus and has the incredible will power to change the most unfair and impossible fight to his side.
Pegasus, Ryu-Sei-Ken!
by Seta Soujiro September 04, 2004
Type 1: Probably the most amazing kid to have ever been born, he's hot-headed and impulsive, but protective, outgoing and funny. He may sometimes act a little too silly, but overall, he'll defend you with his life and will never give up no matter what. However, he may be ignored as he won't have a flowing cloak and long hair, but sneakers and an old shirt are his style. He hates superficiality, and won't judge you no matter what.

Type 2: Nobody is really sure what gender it is. Will probably try to hit on you.
Type 1:

Guy 1: My girl hates me, what do I do?

Guy 2: Hang out with Seiya more. Try to be like him, he's a chick magnet.

Type 2:

Girl: Seiya is so hot!

Guy: I thought she was a girl?

Girl: No, he's a guy.

Guy: But...
by Koji Kabuto September 15, 2011
A bitch who nobody is sure what gender it is, it thinks it is the boss of builds and better than everyone but can only lie and build crap.

Also pulled a seiya
Watch out here come Seiya, wonder what gender it is today.
by ENZO July 18, 2004
A seiya is a creature that resides in the vast virtual plains of active worlds, they tend to be very competitive builders and very moody as well, approach with extreme caution.
Look at that seiya thinking she is so much better than us, well screw her! o_O
by Red July 17, 2004
A person who pretends to be a 16 year old girl on Activeworlds, using fake photographs to lure children into relationships with her. Acts psychotic and harasses many people.
"*giggles* =] Starbuilds Rock!"
no. just no.
by You Get What You Give April 06, 2005
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