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We seent choo, we seent yo white behind on da tee vee.
by irehs February 17, 2009
89 37
past tense of 'seen'; saw.
"yeah, I seen't you at the club last night."

(the pronounciation is usually combined with the following word. ex- 'seen't you' would be pronounced 'seentchu')
by megachaos March 16, 2007
49 26
when someone has seen your facebook message, because it says they seen it at a certain time, you would usually only have to use it if they had seen it and they have not responded, you would use seent; Pretty much the same as saw, but directly related to a fb message.
"I know you seent my message at 21:35, it's been 7 hours and you ain't got shit to say, acting like you ain't seent it.
by CRo12985 March 09, 2014
1 0
The contraction of "see" and "not".
"Unless you filled your hard drive with porn overnight, I seen't why installing this program should be a problem."
by Arelim August 04, 2006
50 58