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when you give into somebody because of their looks or the way they act almost like your hypnotized by them theyve seduced you and that is seductive
his eyes are so seductive..
by NiShA January 23, 2005
Literally means "night" - originated in India.
She is Nisha, breathtaking. She is the night.
by Nisha September 10, 2004
Someone who is cute and shorter than the person calling them titch

Comeths from the nickname titch to this girl that was given to her at a residential
Omg that guy is so titch

hey titch, pass my socks
by nisha October 23, 2004
fukin absolutely basically meanin REALLLy absolutely

comes from Mr big on sex and the city in the last episode ever

Now used as common day language
Will you pin this on the wall for me?

Will you be on the basketball team?

Will you brush my teeth for me?
by Nisha October 23, 2004
someone who is a genius and gets straight A's but also has a wicked life and isn't a nerd
wow that girl who got into oxford is such a fim

what he got into medicine, what a fim!
by nisha October 23, 2004
Blapz Originates from the people who wear avirex and schott jackets whose entire language comprises of blap.

Blapz..Plural to blap...instead of doing the blap blap blap (3 blap) the blapZ is the one word that summaries the 3 blap.

Origin: Wizkid
What the hell are those blaps stealing now?

Oh that was wikid...BLAPZ!
by Nisha October 22, 2004
boys who are cowards and to pussy to do anything that is worthy of actual respect

2)That guy came for him, and then he ran away what a pooseh bwoi!

3)that guy broke up with me via e-mail/ text what a pooseh bwoi!!
by Nisha October 23, 2004

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