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6 definitions by Mimono

a weird but supposedly beautiful activity in which people stick their privates in other people's orifi to make babies and for pleasure. Something everyone supposedly looks for in life.
Man:Let me fuck you with my dick for the hell of it. Lets have sex
Woman:Oh Id love too
by Mimono July 23, 2010
26 12
when one has very bleedy hemhorroids that it looks like they have a period from their ass
person:Im having bad hemhorroids today.
doctor:oh you must have an ass period.
by Mimono July 26, 2010
13 2
basically an oxymoron: someone who goes on tv and does "good, generous" things in front of the whole US, exactly the opposite of how it should be done.
charitable celebrity:Bono, Angelina Jolie
by Mimono December 01, 2010
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a condition in which someone stops responding to anything except the movement/sounds of their computer, tv, or other electronics- in other words, complete infatuation with electronic media so as to be completely oblivious of ones surroundings.
Me: Hi Bella, good morning.
Bella:(narrator) Not answering, headphones on, watching youtube video that isnt funny for the millionth time
Me: You didnt even respond at all! You have complete media infection!
by Mimono July 22, 2010
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When air from your ass gets pushed up through your vagina and it feels like youre farting through your vagina. It is actually physically impossible to make a genuine vag fart unless your ass and vaginal canals are connected. Then youd be shitting through your vagina. A vag fart is also know as a queef.
Person 1:Oh look I just made a vag fart!
Person 2: How did it feel?
Person 1: weird but crisp and refreshing
by Mimono July 21, 2010
7 8
one who works in an office/school who gets all the dirty work dumped on him/her. usually female, in 50s most boring , worst job complete opposite of anyone's real ambition probably worse than janitor cause you have to deal with snot nosed kids like the ones from my school
Student: Mr.Smith(teacher), somebody beat me up (tracks blood down hall)
Mr.Smith: Oh, go to Barbara (school secretary)
Barbara: go to your teacher
Student: But he told me to go to you!
by Mimono December 01, 2010
18 23