The best city on planet earth. Seattle, and basicly all the suberbian areas around it, are the main engine of Washington, the Inland Northwest, and the world. Think about it, theres Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, Costco, Nordstrom, Nintendo, Bungie (They make the Halo video games) and so many more big companies. It is Americas god (besides Washington D.C.). If you don't live in the Seattle area (Such as me, I'm stuck in retarded Spokane, WA 300 miles away) you should jump off a cliff (well, don't really do that).
Man 1: Hey, Spokane is the greatest town on earth!

Man 2: Are you on fucking meth??? Seattle rules you dipshit.
by Dewit979 April 10, 2009
Nicknamed the Emerald City, Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Located in the northwest corner of the US in Washington State, Seattle resides along Pudget Sound.

Seattle is home to a crowd centered on culture, technology, and is one of the more Liberal cities of the United States.

One of the major traders with Japan, Seattle harbors a large amount of Asian culture which has spread into its technological areas (Boeing, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc).

Seattle has also been titled the country's video-game central. Home to both Microsoft Game Studios, half of Nintendo, and famous producers such as Bungie, Valve Software, and even the mass-popular Penny Arcade, Seattle has risen to the top in popularity among young game-pioneers. It supports massive conventions such as the Northwest Comic Con, PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), the World Cyber Games Championship, and Anime North.

Aside from its gaming success, Seattle also is home to Boeing, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, as well as the largest building on Earth.

Other attractions Seattle has to offer is the ever-growing Pike Place Market, a cultural mainframe for the city, multiple Naval and Air Force bases, a heavy influence in politics, and a large Liberal society.
"Master Chief is from Seattle, lol!"

"Isn't MS in Seattle?"
by Alice the Destroyer of Worlds February 13, 2008
A great city! people only think of it as being rainy, but honestly if you live here you dont even notice. Downtown is great,everyone is very interesting. It is very diverse, even though people think everyone are hippie stoners. Come to seatte! Its great
Seattle is the best.
by agsdkfldslfsdlf June 01, 2009
The most beautiful city in the world. Possesses an atmosphere of environmental consciousness, acceptance and free thinking. One of the few places where so many diverse groups can coexist. Always funky little coffee shops and stores.

Tons of water.
Tons of green.
Tons of music, poetry, art and philosophy.
Tons of educated, literate people.
Tons of motivated and involved teens.
Tons of pride in the people who live there.
Im a homosexual/indie artist and philosopher who loves to read and drink coffee and protect the environment. Where should I live?

Seattle, dude.
by elufire December 03, 2010
1. A great city in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is a great city all year round. People think it rains a ton, but it really doesn't. There are many fun things to do in the city, like ride the monorail, explore Pike Place Market, get lunch at Seattle Center and shop at Pacific Place or Westlake Mall. Also, Seattle is surrounded by other great towns because the Puget Sound is really the center of Washington State. Take a ferry ride to a new town and explore. No matter what season or whether it is, there is always something fun to do in Seattle, indoors or outside.
Person 1: After the Huskies game we should get lunch in Pike Place
Person 2: Definitly! There's so much to do in Seattle!
by taytay123 June 24, 2009
The best city in the whole of America. Also becoming an up-and-coming city on the west coast. Home to SubPop records, grunge music and breifly Isaac Brock; Modest Mouse and Murder City Devils also from the same area. Lots of bands have come out of the city in last 10-15 years.

A place that just rules. Has a really ecletic scenes. It's suburb, Auburn, is just gorgeous.
New Yorker: So, what's Seattle like?
Seattler: Awesome. Truely is The Emerald City.

New Yorker: So, are you smart?
Seattler: Well, I got a 1st on my college major, so...
(New Yorker stunned walks away)
by nonhairybiker May 21, 2010
The most beautiful place. It feels like a home i've never had the chance to experience. The atmosphere is friendly and seemingly inviting to tourists. Definetly a place for the music scene, even though i din;t get much to explore it. Second home of Kurt Cobain, shopping city for the Twilight series, home of the seahawks, and the attriction of the pike market place, and the first ever starbucks.
Seattle is the greatest
by rachel ainsworth May 08, 2008
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