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he's your best friend. doesn't try at school but is already to smart for his own good. his opinions and words are so worth hearing that it's okay to change yours. he will stay up with you while you are crying or mad no matter what. gives amazing hugs. loyal, trusting, caring. you can't help but to love this nerd. amazing voice, good at athletics. he has blue blue eyes and good arms. Sean's will be there..no matter what, don't let them go to soon.
Sean: What's wrong, I'm here for you.

You don't have too, it's not fair to you.

Sean: I don't care, you are my friend..come here:)
by kelso911 February 04, 2010
honest, honest, honest. he is a smartass but that's okay. he'll be your friend if you aren't annoying. and somehow that's really cool. talk to him, he won't turn away if he cares. very clever and just a downright cool kid. big opinions. he's also a GOOD kid. he is that guy who makes the right desicion under any circumstance, which is very honorable. live your life with Shayne, he makes it fun.
I'm so bored

Shayne: So?

Wanna do something?

Shayne: Sure, lets see a movie
by kelso911 February 04, 2010
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