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Underrated school where the instructors actually give a fuck about your education. 90% of the undergrad population doesn't care, though, and major in business, psych, or bio. The other 10% major in an engineering, math/stats, or computer science, and actually succeed.
Go to SDSU because the UCSD professors don't care about teaching.
by ucsdundergrad April 15, 2007
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San Diego State University; One of the many Cal State schools located near downtown San Diego. Despite it's reputation as being a party school and a waste of four yeares, SDSU is actually a decent school where anyone can get a decent education. Although the Aztec football team basically sucks, SDSU is a great place to go and have a genuine "college" expirience, as well as to get a good education. UCSD pricks may bag on State, but that's only because they are jealous that all the hot chicks/parties/fun is happening here.
I turned down UCSD to go to SDSU because i actually wanted to have some fun in college.
by kren October 06, 2007
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SDSU is an underrated school that gets a lot of crap from spoiled UCSD pricks. SDSU is a real university for real people. SDSU is an up and coming university with some of the hottest women on the planet.
An SDSU student would totally beat down any UCSD nerd.
by SDOC October 06, 2007
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San Diego State University is a great school where most of the students are hard working and also know how to have a good time. Most SDSU students do not come from privileged backgrounds and are first generation college students. As a result, almost all SDSU students have a job while also taking classes full-time.

SDSU professors actually care about their students and about teaching. The campus is very beautiful (just like the SDSU ladies) and the student body is quite diverse. Like anything, your college experience is what you make it. SDSU can give you the skills you need to be successful after graduation.

SDSU is growing in academic prestige and has dozens of national rankings and awards. SDSU has received over $1 billion (yes with a B) in external funding from 2000-2007. For two years in a row SDSU is ranked as the No. 1 most productive small research university in the nation, based on the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index.

Top 5 SDSU alumni:

1. Jim Sinegal, Costco co-founder and CEO, Time Magazine's 2006 list of The 100 most influential people.

2. Carl Weathers, former NFL player, actor, Apollo Creed in Rocky I, II, III, and IV.

3. Joe Gibbs, Hall of Fame NFL coach.

4. Tony Gwynn, Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

5. Linda Lang, CEO of Jack in the Box.

Guy: SDSU is an all-around great school.
Girl: The proof is in the pudding.
by SDOC January 21, 2008
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A university that has tragically become the media's epitome of a school riddled with cocain rings and sting operations conducted by the DEA and the police. This is a school who's reputation is being tarnished by a few sensless morons who think they are bad ass because they are selling drugs
Mike Montoya was among the SDSU students who were arrested in the raid on 5/6/2008. He was a major in homeland security and was a campus officer who reported to the campus police and was less than a month from graduation.
by Cbllznhoney May 06, 2008
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Sit down, shut up.
Boy (standing up): Hey, look at me, I'm king of the world

Girl: Ugh, seriously? I'm trying to study!

Boy: But I....

Girl: SDSU, I don't care!
by RGBoy4 December 25, 2013
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A top 10 party-school full of drunken "bros", people doing copious amounts of drugs, and parties on a nightly basis. Although academically weak, SDSU is known for having an attractive student body that will put out in exchange for alcohol and drugs. Because of this, the student body has a high rate of STDs and is one of the few colleges in the nation in which syphilis has made a comeback as a popular "designer" STD.

Although a very low percentage of graduates turn out to be successful, it is also known as a great school for those who wish to persue a career in bagging groceries.
Shit! I knew I shouldn't have hooked up with that chick who looked like a hooker at SDSU in exchange for my case of beer! Why does my penis look like a raw hamburger?


Your daughter is going to SDSU? Better buy her some kneepads, I hear the price of coke is skyrocketing!
by thegloveusd July 10, 2008
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