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Ln is a brotherhood, as well as one of the toughest street gangs in Lachine. Scott and Jason founded Ln 5 years ago. The gangs turf stretches from 32nd Avenue all the way to 54 Avenue. No gang has ever started a war with Ln due to its dangerous reputation. A gang of French kids once started beef but it was quickly put out. Ln T.P’ed there houses and since Ln has a couple of police on its payroll some of them were arrested and fined. When you are inducted into Ln you are sworn in by a quote “More Beers More Cheers, That’s It That’s all.”
Tron was walking home late one night from Cheers and cut threw Ln’s park. When he saw a group of French kids. It was clear to him that these MOFO’s were lost.

French Guys: Yo come here
Tron: What do you want peppers?
French Guys: Give us your money esti L’anglais.
Tron: LMAO…(spits on the gang leaders face(Charles)
French Guys: Your fucked now.
Tron reaches in his pocket calls up Ln conference style.
Tron: Meet me at the park, it’s going down..

Ln AWP’s the French kids from HQ near by the park. Tron then picks up there wallets.
by JPSK August 10, 2006