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see Reggie and the Full E-mutha-fuckin-ffect.

oh, and Bitches Get Stitches.
Mom: What concert did you go to?
Kid: Reggie and the Mutha Fuckin Full Effect, Mom! Now get off my case, bitch!
by findagirlfriendday March 17, 2005
to tighten a drumhead very very tight.
Dude, I just cranked that snare to the moon and now it sounds amazing!
by findagirlfriendday April 12, 2005
a phrase used to describe something that is, in fact tight. Often times used when talking about drums.

When the drum head on a drum is tightened VERY tight; a cranked drumhead.
Dude! Did you hear BD's snareline? Their drums are tighter than a virgin's daughter!
by findagirlfriendday April 12, 2005
adj. being very unconcerned with whom one has sexual intercourse with. A stronger form of the adjective skanky.
Oh, here comes the skankly Heather! I wonder how many guys she's fucked today... or girls... at the same time.
by findagirlfriendday May 07, 2005
another, however cooler, way to say "Reggie and the Full Effect."

see also Reggie and the Mutha Fuckin Full Effect.
Dude 1: What are you listening to?
Dude 2: Reggie and the Full E-mutha-fuckin-ffect!
Dude 1: What the fuck is that?
Dude 2: I will cut you!
by findagirlfriendday March 17, 2005
v. 1. So freaking disgusting, that there is a layer of nasty film over whatever you're talking about. 2. In a manner of speaking, it could mean really really really rediculously cool or amazing.

Sick < Disgusting < Scuzzy

3. Really ugly, or diseased.
1. I had to clean the bathrooms at work today, and they were so freaking scuzzy!

1. I need to shower, I'm feeling pretty scuzzy.

2. Jordan is so absolutely scuzzy at skateboarding, that he can land a 360 Varial McTwist UP a 24 stair!

3. Ew, don't touch Alicia! She's so scuzzy! She's been with 20 guys.... in one night.... at the same time.... who were all related... to her! Oh god!
by findagirlfriendday May 07, 2005
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