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Attempting to control and dominate for political gain.
They are trying to scutter the election.
by QuestionWithBoldness October 11, 2012
Noun: A demeaning name given to a female, especially one who uses her sexuality to trap men for her own materialistic wants and financial stability. She will quite happily use more than one man at the same time even playing one off against the other.
She doesnt care about her men, she just wants to use them. She is a typical scutter.
by Rob-C August 16, 2006
A name for a very ugly girl who has a face that looks like scrapes from the gutter.
That bird is scutters
by Nick B September 25, 2003
diarrhea, usually verbal. Free-flowing bullshit
by Tony50 May 08, 2003
adjective; to be scutters. The appearance of a person (usually a girl) is not nice to look at.. and is pretty much butters
That girl is absolutely scutters.. i wouldnt touch her with a ten-foot pole.
by raned December 04, 2003
Term sometimes used for an exit hole frequented by pork swordsmen. Can also refer to a female brown starfish. Ringpiece.
She touched her toes whist he slammed it up her scutter
by jadio August 15, 2003
the area of the male anatomy found between the scrotum and the anal cavity.

synonym- manbridge
get off me you scrut sniffer
by fudisha December 05, 2004