homewrecking whore. All the bad names in the book. Someone who likes to break up relationships by offering sexual pleasures. Lying when they say they dont want drama and they are done interfering and then go and have sex with the person you love. There's a scut for ya!
drama fed scut
by freedomwriter2011 March 18, 2011
1. The very bottom of the shit pile. the pure grit and grime of anything and everything.
2. A mix between a scoop and a scrape. a sharp powerful cutting motion made at a 36 degree angle (actually 35.7899904206718 degrees)
Like whats left over after the big snow piles melt: dirt shit and cigarette butts (aka Scut)
1. "Shit yo, that chili was the same coming out as it was going in!"-B
"I know, it was pure scut"-R
2. "Where did you get that nasty gash on your achilles tendon?!??!"-R
"Jake used the scut technique with his bloody tooth."-B
by Grandpaspants22 January 12, 2009
A slang word for food.
That was prime scuts!
by Philgull August 10, 2008
cappy from subspace invented this word after he spelt u scur?

U SCUT? has many meanings.. most of it regarding how noobs feel when they are about to get owned
denk is scut of getting owned and losing squad

u scut?
by cappyownsu July 05, 2006
The biggest low-life scumbag on the face of the earth.
Guy #1: Look at that swaggot over there
Guy #2: Yeah, he's a real fuckin' scut.
by Crapstrunk June 07, 2014
In Ireland, scut is a strong slang derogatory noun, always of a man. It is probably a corruption of Scot, as the opinion of Scots was low at one stage.
It means an irredeemably bad person.
He's a proper scut, a right scut. Only a scut would have done that. It is used all over Ireland, I imagine.
by Gearóid Ó Laoi April 25, 2005
A scut is a second cousin to the smut family. A scut is a female who comes off as classy and as if she has morals, but is really a slut. A closet or secret slut. (Sc for secret ut for slut). These females are taking a threshold of America. They will fool you.
I thought Marie was real, she turned out to be a scut :(
by ny86yanks July 15, 2011

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