A 2010 spring break state-of-mind; an ideal; a party
We're going to scut loose! He was scuttin' last night!
by Wakin March 24, 2010
A woman who may or may not be a "whore". Definitely a skank, but not quite a slut. Usually STD ridden and is often viewed as a "bitch" but is often a "trick".
"Carla is such a scut"

"yeah but at least she's not a whore."
by Tetragammaton February 16, 2010
A scumbag slut, a girl who does anything and everything to get her nut off.
Rel: Hey man did you see Bonquisha last night at the party?
Daigle: Yeah man, she was all over everyone trying to get busy.
Rel: That scut....
by Relliam Blackington July 09, 2009
A mix between a smut and cunt. A female who is a nasty whore.
The scut slept with my boyfriend!
by fookmimoor August 08, 2008
a slut and a skank.
did u see that girl last night? she's a scut.
by buff person March 25, 2011
An adjective used to describe a person in a way similar to that of a prostitute, but at a large degree.
I can't beleive you drank my Sweet Baby Ray's, you fucking scut!
by Nick Talbot September 08, 2007
a long ass time ago someone called someone a slut (they were 9 and 13) so one told the mum and the other changed the l to to a c by adding a = thus scut was born
what a scut
youre a scut and theres nothing you can do about it
by tim gaucafoley October 21, 2007

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