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A friend, buddy, pal, comrade, mate, etc…; an abbreviation of the word relative; originally used in mockery of terms like cuz or bro
*Between roommates*

Eduardo- (Enters room) How’s it going man?

Scott- Oh, hey. ‘Sup rel?
by cyc1ops May 07, 2008
obscure or insignificant.
'do you know jimmy fro the HR dept?' 'nope hes totally rel.'
by chris-piano December 24, 2004
A nickname for the name Ariel. Get it, R.E.L.? No?
Rel, wazzup?
by Noone Importantatall March 13, 2015
You need some serious Rel to rock a paisley tie.
by kr26 August 11, 2010
A large street vandal. Though seemingly timid and soft-spoken this humorous and fun-loving individual has been known to deliver savage blows to the face and chest of any attackers or those posing a threat to him or his family.
I saw a Rels getting up.
by M. Pricks January 04, 2010
something that is cool or otherwise attractive to someone; derived from the language Jag
"That wiggy over there is fuckin' rel."
by Jake January 06, 2005

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