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To swindle. The act of scooping, and scoring. In simple terms, it is the act of scooping or taking.
You just scurped my mom.

Chris scurps ladies even on mondays
by scurp November 20, 2011
to leave,get out of,take,snatch,other words meaning leave or take
I saw an ugly bitch and scurped out of there.

I'll scurp those fries from that queer.
by John Bruggemann August 27, 2007
1. Verb(v) purposefully ambiguous action word used to indicate an act or event.

2. noun (N) a significant quantity of chewing tobacco (dip) that one would use for enjoyment purposes or used to feed a raging habit.

This term was Originally coined in northern Massachusetts and has become popular with those who enjoy the outdoors.
1. "Hey Conner, what are you up to?
"Not much, just scurpin"

2. "yo let me bumb a scurp"

"okay" - guy tosses another guy can/ tin of dip.
by Baldweezy March 28, 2015
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