Irish slang.
Meaning rural people. Most commonly used by people from the city.
The culchies were everywhere!
by Sista from anotha Mista July 25, 2005
irish origin. someone who live in the counrty side, near fields, cows, farms. may be offensive in context. american red necks
bleedin culchies!
ah shut up ya culchie
go back to the bog culchie
shite, he's a culchie
by tearsinheaven May 08, 2005
Irish slang.
Culchies is the plural of Culchie and means any Irish person from outside Dublin, whether from another city or from the countryside
Ahh Jasus, woulda look at all them bleedin culchies coming up to Dublin takin our bleedin jobs.

Them culchie women are great rides, but you have to put something in their gobs so you don't have to listen to them culchie accents.
by BobCatCurley April 30, 2007
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