A generally non-offensive term used in some punk communities to describe a friend or aquaintance, possibly but not necessarily a traveler, staying in one's home without paying rent. A good scumbag often contributes (monetarily or with food, music, or company) to the house where they are staying and usually does not stay with the same people for an extended period of time.

Not to be confused with scumfucks (see also: oogles), who are scumbags that steal your money, smoke your cigarettes, drink your alcohol, and break bottles over heads fairly indiscriminately.
Geyl is such a good scumbag she never wears out her welcome.
by Mary of D-Town November 14, 2006
being argumentative towards your friends. leaving them for a girl, disagreeing with them, not holding a promise for them...you get the picture
you agree the night before where you're going for lunch and when the time comes this takes place..
scum-"yo we're not going to subway subway is asssss" friends-"dude we agreed last night that we were going there now you're being a scum"
scum-"i'm not being a scum its either here or we don't eat"
friends-"wow what a scumbag."

another situation that goes on for over 2 months
friends-"yo where goin out tomorrow night, its friday gonna have a good time, i heard like 3 kids are throwin it down"
scum-"nah dude i'm not going i'm hangin out with n-time"
friends-"wooooow this is like the 5th week in a row you scumbag"
by whats goooodie January 22, 2009

A hyper-ambitious sycophantic person commonly characterized by acute unscrupulous sociopathic behavior, largely considered a complement within certain circles of wops.
Everyone knew, throughout the land, that he was truely a scumbag harboring such Machiavellian principles.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 10, 2006
One whom screws over those that help him due to the potential of his own benefit.
Yeah I gave dave $1000 three weeks ago, but I haven't herd from the scumbag since.
Illegal aliens, typically they're all diseased scumbag mexicans, and that's a geological fact therefore I'm not being racist.
by William Lennox August 27, 2006
an outstanding car salesman
"wow, that scumbag's going to strike it rich!"
by red rug May 07, 2005
The dirt under the fingernails of progress as some may say. Scumbags, also known as scummies are immoral and have no sense of right or wrong in the world due to poor parenting.

Usually hanging out anywhere public, scumbags will always be smoking, or trying to find someone who can give them something to smoke.

Avoid scummies at all costs.
Scummie: Hey do you have a skeet?
Person: fuck off, scumbag.
by g linq September 25, 2006
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