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Someone who lies and turns their back on you
Michele said she won 500 dollars and won nothing. That scum bag.
by John April 27, 2005
Store Clean Up Mop Bucket Applications Guy/Gal
The title of the store worker that makes sure everything is tidy.
Fundo enjoyed being the underpaid SCUMBAG, cleaning the store, so he showed up to work early every day.
by authOOr August 24, 2006
Saulius Milevicius. Thats All You Need To Know. He Is THEE biggest scumbag of all time.
Johnson: Dude, WTF is that smell? smells like someone who hasn't taken a shower in about 4 years.
Rudy: Dude, Thats TOTES Saulius!
by Big Johnson March 31, 2005
scum bag is the synonim for the word bruce, a 19 year old guy that beats up 12 year olds.
For example look at Bruce
by fuck boy January 11, 2005