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1. n. The original term for "quad rugby", a fierce ball game of rugby played by quadruplegic athletes in wheelchairs.

2. n. The title of a 2005 documentary about quad rugby.
"Murderball is a fantastic game"
by murderballfan August 03, 2005
To kill someone in the most unusual, extreme, hardcore, or rediculous way possible.
Rob murderballed that SOB! He drop kicked him off a balcony! The dude fell onto a handicapped parking sign and was paralyzed. Then Rob ran down the stairs and used his mouth as a urinal. Guy drowned to death...
by lilmikeymac November 17, 2009
A game invented by the British Army in which is a lot like soccer. The differences are:

1. The goal is a post or a spot on the ground where the ball must be placed (not thrown), rather than an open goal

2. There are no rules. Anything goes except for the use of weapons and punching to the face or groin.

3. The winner is the team that accumulates the most points before the end of the game.

There are some variations such as 'last man standing murderball' and 'one point per hospitalisation'
'Fancy another game of murderball?'
'Not til they take my stitches out'
by Stef January 07, 2005
The name for a guy's balls after he has sex with a girl on her period, leaving them covered in blood.
"She was riding the crimson, but we boned anyways. I looked down after and had a gnarly case of Murderballs.
by TheGMP February 15, 2010
(n.) A game seen in the movie SCUM (1979) which is very similar to basketball, except the winner is not the one with the most points, but the last team with people standing. The rules are

•NO punching in the face
•NO kicking in the goolies, and...
•NO biting

The teams divide up into 'black' and 'white'. Winning is only by default.
Let's play a game fo murderball.

Where's your tool?
by Kung-fu Jesus July 20, 2004
Blue balls for the potential murderer. When you really want to kill someone, but you just can't for some reason. Weakness, not owning a gun, fear of the consequences, etc.
Johnny really wanted to pull a Virginia Tech at his college, but his dad had gotten rid of the family gun a few years back. Looks like he'd be stuck with murder balls.
by Double_A January 26, 2011
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