Generalised expletive.

Origin: L2nd Rootes, Uni. of Warwick UK, 2003/04

Box of Scruttocks: a noun
'This coursework is a box of scruttocks'

'Scruttocks... it's my night in the rank kitchen...'
by JiMternet April 20, 2004
Top Definition
The area of flesh between the scrotum and the buttocks.
I don't know what that bird was carrying, but it's giving me terrible scruttock problems.
by Surgeon_General September 04, 2003
also slattocks

tender fleshy area between bollocks and arseflap.
OOOOooooh! right in the scruttocks! nasty
by arseflank November 08, 2004
The piece of skin between the scrotum and the buttocks
My scruttock hurts when cycling
by Dave Bose June 20, 2003

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