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The area of flesh between the scrotum and the buttocks.
I don't know what that bird was carrying, but it's giving me terrible scruttock problems.
by Surgeon_General September 04, 2003
48 9
also slattocks

tender fleshy area between bollocks and arseflap.
OOOOooooh! right in the scruttocks! nasty
by arseflank November 08, 2004
26 3
The piece of skin between the scrotum and the buttocks
My scruttock hurts when cycling
by Dave Bose June 20, 2003
18 2
Generalised expletive.

Origin: L2nd Rootes, Uni. of Warwick UK, 2003/04

Box of Scruttocks: a noun
'This coursework is a box of scruttocks'

'Scruttocks... it's my night in the rank kitchen...'
by JiMternet April 20, 2004
5 24