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describing a divine thing, ranging from audio to visual and items like various drugs.
Bengt is über scrumtralescent.

This is bengt he's scrumtralescent.

Hey I have a re-productive organ in teh pants, you wanna do something scrumtralescent?
by vetzka June 05, 2004
13 30
I cannot describe your performance, so I am forced to make up my own word.....scrumtralescent
by Ian Jones March 18, 2005
161 42
Looking into the face of God, and hearing him say that you... are his greatest creation.
there are no other words to describe your performance so I'll have to make one up... Scrumtralescent.
by Knucklehead July 19, 2003
132 51
A made up word used to describe an actor's performance
That show was delightful... no, no, it was brilliant... no, no , no... there is not word to describe it's perfection, so I'm forced to make one up. And I'm going to do so right now... scrumtralescent.
by pd8731 December 08, 2005
60 23
the utter most perfection, completely great.
This song is so scrumtralescent, I think is my favorite song.
by Stephanie March 03, 2004
32 20
Adjective used to describe something in which no other word could describe its perfection.
Man, she's pretty scrumtralescent, just like I am.
by sbm July 14, 2003
26 25
Exceptionally delicious.
How was that weed you just smoked?

Scrumtralescent, if I do say so myself.
by BobALICIOUSpie February 08, 2009
6 6
Outstanding, awesome, sweet, enjoyable, in posession of scrumtralescence, the opposite of sucky.
Hey, did you see the Red Sox destroy the Yankees last night? Yeah, it was scrumtralescent!
by Colt Seaver December 14, 2007
3 5