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5 definitions by sbm

A highly contagous catchphrase that, when shouted in the presence of large groups, quickly spreads to deafening levels. see also "woooo"


by SBM April 02, 2003
69 61
1. One who pilots Magitek Armor.
2. A knight who can use magic.
I was just walking through Narshe one time and I got owned by a Magitek Knight.
by sbm August 01, 2003
9 2
Adjective used to describe something in which no other word could describe its perfection.
Man, she's pretty scrumtralescent, just like I am.
by sbm July 14, 2003
26 25
A type of mech piloted by a Magitek Knight that is capable of shooting magic elemental beams, missles, transfering objects to alternate dimensions, and slashing the hell out of things.
Kefka got it anally from that Magitek Armor.
by sbm August 01, 2003
15 20
What that parrot is NOT in relation to Brian Fellow.
No matter what he says, he is not my doppleganger!
by sbm August 02, 2003
35 69