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A very high quality breed of cannibus sativa, very expensive because you only need a few hits until you get p.o.d.'d
that white rhino put brandon down for 19 hours last night.
by knucklehead April 10, 2005
metal train tracks used to make teeth straight so you dont end up looking like your british.
She calls them "braces", I call them "double decker pecker wreckers."
by knucklehead April 10, 2005
Looking into the face of God, and hearing him say that you... are his greatest creation.
there are no other words to describe your performance so I'll have to make one up... Scrumtralescent.
by Knucklehead July 19, 2003
A dude who has a penchant for screwing ugly chicks... especially when he gets drunk.
Joe's a real dog catcher. After 4 beer's he'd screw Jaba the fuckin' Hut.
by Knucklehead July 19, 2003
a movie starring Billy Bob Thornton, and the magnificent Halle Barry.
I wish I could hump Halle Barry's brains out like Billy Bob did during Monsters Ball
by knucklehead February 04, 2005
1. To run away from a confrontation, to become cowardly. 2. To surrender, to give in. 3. To become an overly artistic homosexual with a penchant for noir, eating cheese, and cruelty to geese. 4. For a country to disolve the aspect of having a standing army, or whose armed forces are run totaly by foreigners, i.e. the FFL.
That ol'boy said he'd have it out with me, but he turned french at the last minute and Ive never seen him since.
by Knucklehead July 19, 2003
See also:
Alabama neck blanket
Oklahoma shoulder tickler
neck duster
The Kind hearted Ingin' cut
hat dangler
by Knucklehead July 19, 2003
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