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A general word used for anything that is awesome, cool, wonderful, or marvellous. Also found in the form of 'scrumptiddlydumptious.'
Check out this new band! Isn't it scrumptious?
by InAthenasCabin November 24, 2011
11 9
the new 'it' word, use to describe how good something is instead of using the word lushious
that top is scrumptious where'd you get it?
by T-dawg Mckenzie September 06, 2010
552 149
1. excellent

2. delicious
She sure knows how to make a scrumptious stack of pancakes.
by Light Joker April 07, 2006
378 49
adj. - used to describe a something that is good enough to eat or indulge in.
Oh my look at the dude, he is scrumptious!

My mama's pound cake is scrumptious!
by Babygurl May 05, 2005
349 23
A word used to describe something that tastes good in the mouth
A: This crumpet is delectibaly scrumptious

B: indeed

A: Splendid

B: Indubitably!

A: Delightful
by MRukkus May 20, 2010
334 75
Something that is bomb or hella dank. Daats wassup.
Daaaamn! My Babygirl Pookie is lookin' HELLA scrumptious.
by hiiyaimangela March 13, 2010
35 22
Very adorable and/or beautiful/handsome (:
Guy: Baby, you are so very scrumptious
Girl: Thank you, you are also very very Scrumptious
by IansGirl1313 May 07, 2014
4 0
When something is beyond delicious.
" thats some scrumptious ass cake!"
by Hopelicious October 27, 2013
3 0