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To scrunch and crumple.
That piece of paper has been lying around scrumpled up at the bottom of my bag for ages.

Don't roll around on the floor, you'll scrumple your shirt.
by zomgmouse April 02, 2010
To crumple and scrunch something simultaneously
I totally scrumpled these cards into this bag brah!
by gggunit123 December 06, 2010
A rave in the west country of England (preferably somerset or Devon), usually to the musical stylings of the wurzels or similar.
"Dave, you coming to the scrumple tonight?
"I can't Terry, I'm bulling my luvver tonight, I'm right plimming up!

"That scrumple last night was bitchin', I were proper fucked on scrumpy"
by scrumbler May 20, 2014
The shorter hairs nearby the temple that refuse to blend with the rest.
"Man did you see her scrumple? I was flying all over the place!"

"She rubbed her scrumple on my cheek last night. It was awesome."

"No matter how much hair spray I use I can't get my scrumple to stay with the rest of my hair!"
by llamacardigan June 18, 2013
something that can refer to a human being that is utterly stupid and ridiculously useless in every way. If you were in a car you would make them sit in the boot because they have no IQ and feel it is a seat.

The word scrumple also co-insides with the word Moronic Idiot.
You Stupid Scrumple your opinion does not count.
by Theonemanmission December 01, 2012
The process of Lower Garments becoming scruched and uncomfortable
i gotta pick the scrumples from my boxers again
by Luke October 04, 2004
a word with no actual meaning but acts similarly to the word fuck
last night this girl wouldn't scrumple off so we ended up scrumpling instead she was scrumpledidlliumpsious
by jackkilljill July 05, 2010
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