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an Israeli dude named after an oak tree.
Alon has climbed the Alon.
by phlegmat March 21, 2005
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sexiest man alive
"Ooooh Alon, you are a sex god!"
by Hannah C June 10, 2003
god of the bed
Damn it Alon, how many bitches did you shag last night?
by meat June 04, 2003
Great guy who macks every fine women out there and is never short of play!
Look here cones Alon. Lets look at his fuck list today, maybe its longer then yesterday
by JOE February 28, 2003
A Big Sexy Man who all the ladies love!
Alon you mack daddy!
by Alon March 18, 2003
A motza ball straight from Israel.
Gay men around the world all enjoy Alon's alike.
by SAMANDEM February 03, 2005

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