Tiny pieces of poop that plop out of your rectum when you are constipated.
damn, fool, i tried to dump but all that came out was three scrogglings
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
Top Definition
pieces or trace amounts of poop that cling to the toilet, even during flushing.
after i flushed the toilet i noticed there were some scrogglings in the bowl
by fats April 08, 2004
"The small, worthless apples which are left hanging on the trees after the crop has been gathered; Worcestershire. Scriggins, apples left on a tree after the ingathering; Glocestershire." —James Halliwell, Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, 1855
Note the word has been in use for centuries and should never be used in the way the FATS posted. How rude.
We are always sure to leave the scrogglings on the apple tree for The Apple Man ( a faeirei)
by Captain Quirk March 31, 2015
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