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pieces or trace amounts of poop that cling to the toilet, even during flushing.
after i flushed the toilet i noticed there were some scrogglings in the bowl
by fats April 08, 2004
items which an individual uses to get off. personalized porn.
"oh yeah, i downloaded some pics of elsa. i got me a nice supply of mattporn tonight!"

"that pic of trent reznor is total loriporn. it will make her all wet."
by fats April 27, 2004
someone who is ugly, clumsy and stupid simultaneously.
dude, quit being such a mangloid and get your shit together.
by fats April 27, 2004
device used to clean dad's ass; resembles a hand held egg beater.
"holy shit. the bathroom reeks and the toilet is full of dad's scrogglings. i hope he's using his bonnyclabber."
by fats April 27, 2004
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