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a totaly hot babe, with great style and is amazing in bed.
shes in to deep porn and crazy leather fetishes
ellie- dude, scrivens was totaly insane last night!
sarah- i know i have the scars to prove it!
by ellieleebaby April 08, 2009
An exclamation of surprise. Best used very rarely for full effect.
Bloke One: Wow Darlo beat Man Utd 17-0 last night.
Bloke Two: Scrivens!
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 23, 2006
The dried wax on a birthday cake caused by leaving the candles lit too long.
Hurry up and blow the candles out befor you get scriven on the cake
by Pnub11 August 27, 2007
slag form of inbred/incest activity
Person 1: Hey didn't that guy screw his sister?
Person 5: Yeah.
Person 3: That's so scrivens!
by bal0123 July 10, 2008
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