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An exclamation of surprise. Best used very rarely for full effect.
Bloke One: Wow Darlo beat Man Utd 17-0 last night.
Bloke Two: Scrivens!
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 23, 2006
An expression used to describe someone who is bloody simple and slow-witted.
Tarquin: Oh, scrivens! I have just spent 20 pounds on this 10 pound note.

Algernon: You fucking dur.
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 26, 2006
One of those annoying creeps who pretends he is into all the same things as a girl to try and get into her dark place. They possess some sort on stealth powers as the girls can never see that they are being tricked. Dumbasses.
Fontaine: That sod Mark is wavelengthing my girlfriend when I'm at work, trying to get her to play a rusty trombone on him.That fucking wavelengther bastard chutney ferret.

Garfield: Meh, she's a porker anyway, let him have her.
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 25, 2006
Geordie rhyming slang for cushty. Usually used with a swearword for emphasis.
Geordie 1: wahay, I just found a tenner, let's go buy some meths.
Peter Andre: Salman fucking Rushdie!

Salman Rushdie! Bardy belter!
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 26, 2006
A term for someone who molests cats. Nothing else will do, it must be feline or it won't get molested.
Girl: Hey, put my pussy down, you fucking cat molestor.
CM: No fucking way, I've only just started.
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 26, 2006
1) Literally "it's the beef"

2) When something is the dogs, so good it demands an exclamated statement.
1) When asked what meat I was carrying on my head, i replied "c'est la boeuf"

2) Antoine: Wow,look at the size of my erect chod. Yer mum really does it for me.

Billy-Bob: C'est la boeuf!!!
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 25, 2006
A regional term for a young person who dresses very unfashionably. Used mainly in North East England, and does not apply to older people.
Man A: Hmm, what do you think of her then?
Man B: Yoinks, she's dresses a bit Molly for my taste.....
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 18, 2006

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