When something is both itchy and scratchy hence scritchy.
"My nose is scritchy"
by Leanne March 16, 2005
Top Definition
1. The gentle scratching, or rubbing with the fingertips, of one's head, back, or similar hard-to-reach area by another person. Scritchies are assumed to be on the head unless otherwise specified.
2. To give scritchies: To scratch someone else in this manner.
3. A scritchie: A specific instance of someone giving somone else scritchies. The singular is rarely used.
1. Scritchies are fun.
2. He tried giving her scritchies to cheer her up.
3. This is turning out to be a very long scritchie.
by Artscrafter April 07, 2005
A term conceived in Appalachian Ohio as an alternative to the over-used adjective ghetto. Scritchy can mean something is of poor quality or uncertain integrity. It can also refer to a person of questionable trustworthiness or a person who is dirty.
Parkersburg is scritchy as shit.
by Erin Brunicardi's dad December 29, 2009
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