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One of the 3 factions in Command And Conquer 3.
It is an alien race, which depends on seeding tiberium on planets, to later harvest it. In the story-line of the C&C3 world, somewhere in the middle of the 21st century, the scrin invade a tiberium infested earth. The invasion was triggered by the waste laid to tiberium by the firing of the ion cannon by GDI on temple prime, during the escalated NOD vs GDI conflict.

Scrin in multiplayer are often considered overpowered, both in C&C3 Tiberium Wars and the expansion C&C3 Kane's Wrath. Although beatable, many players good and bad, will agree that the race is overpowered, for the sheer reason that it is much easier to win while playing with scrin (while the effort put into winning should be the same for all 3 factions!)

This happens due to: 1) the high effectiveness of their units against infantry, vehicles and air. Many units are specialized to handle all 3. 2) Most of scrin support powers are immediate and not too expensive, so they often cripple opponents early by "point and click" as soon as they reach tier II. 3)Also, their harvesters move both faster and collect resources faster, so you will often have scrin players teching up less than 3 minutes, while for NOD or GDI this will take a while longer. 4)Finally, as it is currently in the expansion pack Kane's Wrath - scrin are especially overpowered, because of the mechapede. Players will tech up in less than 3 minutes and have 2 or 3 mechapedes ready, while most NOD and GDI players will still be building their tech center, or focus on tanks, which are useless against the mechapede.

As mentioned earlier, scrin are beatable, but it takes more skill, effort and time to beat a good scrin player than to beat a good GDI/NOD player, which indicates an imbalance.

Aside from the story-line, the scrin thus are often considered homoerotic. Other gay things online:
- you! :)
- Trolls, your mom jokes, hackers and accusations of hacking.
- Terran Siege Tank in starcraft.
- WoW.
- Snipers and Grenadiers in FPS.
- Raiden, Fujin, Reiko, Sonia, Goro, Kai, Tanya in Mortal Combat 4.
- 99% of facebook applications.
- the fact that GTA fans have to wait many months before a GTA IV PC version comes out.
- 3 scrin mechapedes will wipe out your base.
- 10 scrin seekers can easily destroy most of your buildings.
- a 1500 scrin buzzer swarm + 1000 scrin lightning spike + 1 or 2 scrin seekers, can cripple you easily in a matter of a minute. At the same time, you might be only producing your first tank.
- 4 scrin stormraider air units can wipe out all of your harvesters in 20 seconds, as they dont have to "refuel".
- To beat scrin, you need to look for really good strategies.
by Dimon May 15, 2008
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