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Any pornographic image or video.
Nick is amazed by the amount of scrimshaw on the internet.
by KaBoom January 12, 2014
Widely accepted definition: An artistic etching in ivory or bone.

Urban definition: Getting screwed in the ass.
Verb (past tense) - "Jason got totally scrimshawed at work today."

Verb (present tense) - "Last night I got caught scrimshawing my girlfriend Kate"

Noun - This algebra test is gonna be a major scrimshaw.
by Chainsaw Raider February 17, 2003
to take a boner hard in the butt
Muffy insisted on a scrimshaw as she had not filled her presciption for "the pill".
by Twerpintime February 17, 2003
oral sex performed by a younger woman on an older man
I met a cute waitress at the bar the other night and she served me up a scrimshaw with a happy ending in the back seat of my car.
by squeedy November 29, 2011