1.A person who takes atvantage of others
2.One who uses those around them to obtain their needs, without returing the favor.
Person: Yo Scrill you got that 5 you owe me?
Scrilla: Nah i only got a dollar for you, but check out all this awsome shit i just bought...
by HotTwinGlocks March 12, 2009
Weed or Marijuana ; a word that whiggers use
Prickett loves to smoke dat scrilla
by saspot August 24, 2009
Street name for Ecstasy.
Yo I'm rollin' hard man, that was some good scrilla!
by onefiftyone December 23, 2008
Another word for money but mainly small bills and pocket change.
Dude, scrounge some scrilla from the couch.
by DaBu May 19, 2006
a word to discribe money , and or marijuana.
money = "can you front me some scrilla?"
marijuana = "dude can u front me some scrilla?"
by craver March 10, 2005
when you have pocket deuces as hole cards in texas hold-em
Dude, I just beat you with scrillas!
by ShefMoney October 06, 2004
The Second memeber of the crunkiest crew CFL If u eva need scrillz of this niga he will drop it for u. But u betta pay him back casue he can drop bombz.

Also he gets all the chicks man. Well known and love by alot of people.

He keeps it Crunk.
Hey man did u go to da club last nite. Scrilla was there man and he was buyin out that bar. Shit that dude has money.
Scrilla is the King

I wanna be part of the CFL you rekon Scrilla will allow me 2 Join?
by Scrilla aka Scrillz March 04, 2005

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