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A paper metrocard that you ask a bus driver for if you pay for a ride with coins. It is valid for 2 hours for another type of a bus or for train ride.
When in NYC, ask for a transfer.

Hey, @$$hole, your transfer expired 3 minutes ago, get of my bus!
by Alex Panzer August 02, 2005
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To withdraw from one institution of higher learning and enroll in another. Usually its from one university to another, but it could also be from one secondary school to another.
After two years of torture and torment, I transferred from Syracuse to Duke University.
by ZIH March 05, 2008
Word used instead of "pass" or "hand it over". Generally used when asking someone to pass a joint, bong, or pipe.
Dude transfer me that splif you've had it for ever
by February 16, 2008
The go to iphone (ios7) filter for all basic bitches. This warm tone and high contrast filter is sure to make any 2 at least a 4.
Amanda: "I'm gonna Instagram this we look nice!"
Sophie: "Thank god for Transfer!"
by xoxoxoxoxoxx May 09, 2014
A softball/baseball term used for the time it takes for player to feild the ball and throw it
"She's got a good transfer"(HE)
by Tom Shaedler November 30, 2007
softball/baseball term used for time it takes for player to feild the ball and then make the throw
she/he has a real quick transfer
by Tom Shaedler November 30, 2007
a person who is an outcast in one school with no friends, no life, and has nothing to do since they have no friends and no life. They usually spend their nights thinking up ideas to do but have no one to do their ideas with. so they leave the school they are at and move to another with the hope that the people at the new school will like them more. but in the end it screws them over because the people at the new school do not like them they continue through life with no friends, no life, and no hope to once have either friends or a life.
Hey I know a transfer. Her name is Rachel Bowker.
by Daboyz March 11, 2008

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